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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered


How much driving is there each day?

Depends. Some days we’ll be “on the road” from breakfast until around dinner time. Don't worry we've got pitstops and road side attractions galore.  Other days, the driving is considerably less.


Keep in mind whiever day it is we’re stopping to eat, explore ghosttowns, buy useless tourist trinkets, stretch, use the lavetories, try not to get lost and sightsee.

How much of the trip is “on” Route 66?

Roughly 80% of Route 66 still exists today, but some is not worth taking because it’s either a frontage road or in poor condition. We try to take Route 66 when it’s the most scenic or goes through a rockin' town/city.


Approximately 50% of the trip is driving 66 and 50% is other roads (so 100% of the time is on some road or other). 

What about our free time?

Your free time is exactly that, but we as your guides will also suggest great bars, activities, the local scene highlights and best places to eat as well as where to go to get into the most amount of trouble.


We also like to hang and you'll look really cool by our side so you might wanna just tag along to whatever adventure we reccomend on that particular day or town. 


What’s the “vibe” of this trip?

This trip is an action-packed dive into classic Route 66 from ghosttowns to classic diners, berweries to distilleries, live music to swing dancing, the petrified forest to the grand canyon and so much more.


This is the trip your friends will be jealous of, so join us and let's dive in, hit the mother road and explore.  Kicks on Route 66 is for the hip traveler wanting to make friends, go out at night, explore histroric 66 towns and check out  classic Americana.

How do we get to the start? How do we get home?

You’ll make your own travel arrangements to Amarillo, TX and meet us at the first hotel, The Big Texan.


The trip concludes at a hotel in the City of Angels aka Los Angeles near LAX with a courtesy shuttle to the airport. 

What’s NOT included in the price?

Put simply, food money, souvenir money, get outta jail money and any activities you choose to do outside the itinerary.

We will also highlight plenty of free activities and sights to see in all our destinations because who doesn't love seeing and doing cool things for free. 


What are the hotels like?

What if my question isn't answered here?

That's easy, just shoot us a message with your queries and we will get back to you with thought provoking and insightful answers.


Contact Us Here. 


This trip is unique in that we will be staying for the most part at classic and historic Route 66 Motels. But have no fear, we have researched and stayed at these roadside accomodations and they are the best of the best of the iconic hotels on 66.


With a retro vibe they still have modern day comfort while beautifully renovated to show off their original glory.   

The few times we stay at a non-historic hotel we will stay at a quality hotel that will not leave you counting sheep.